Playwell - Blunt machete made from polypropylene material much stronger & Durable then Wooden & Metal Weapons, PolyPropelene Weapons are known to be UNBREAKABLE Weapons. Can be used for Full And Semi Contact Weapons Training. While they're not quite as rigid as wood, they have the advantages of being virtually unbreakable and remarkably stiff and cut resistant.

Ideal replica of the Real Version. Great for training And Self Defence Techniques. Super low Price for Amazon. Made from polypropylene - Known To be a Unbreakable Material.

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Cold Steel 92BKPTH Rubber Training, Trench Hawk

Sportsman Supply Inc. 92BKPTH - 19 3/4" long. Modeled after the original cold Steel Trench Hawk, this trainer will give you the look, feel and weight you need to properly train with this item. Black neoprene rubber construction. Overall length: 19 3/4". Material: neoprene. Got this for Use with martial arts practice. 19 3/4" long, weighs 15. 9 oz.

Eye protection should be worn while using and care should be taken to injure yourself or training partner. Weighs 15. 9 oz. Made from durable santoprene. Made from durable santoprene, it will hold up for hundreds, even thousands of hours of rigorous training.

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