Avias Supply 3 Pieces of 5.5 Inch Small Throwing Knife Set with Nylon Sheath Super Strike

Approximate weigh of each knife is 1 ounce. Each knife measures 5. 5 inch Overall. These are made of stainless steel. Black nylon sheath with Velcro for easy and safe carry. A sheath also has a loop to be secured on the belt or other applications. Shape variations are available on these throwing knives. The aeroblades small 3 piece throwing knife set features stainless steel black blade with a 5.

5 inch overall length. A nylon sheath secures the knives with Velcro in place and also features a loop for a belt and other applications.

Set 3 Ninja Stealth Zombified Black Knives With Black Nylon Sheath Case

Throw these unbalanced knives by gripping the light blades and piercing them through the air. Razor sharp, pointy blade - Green Cord-wrapped handle. Forged from 440 stainless steel. These knives have a powerful impact and although they aren't too heavy or too light, they penetrate most targets with ease. Do supreme damage with these compact throwers.

3. 5 inch blade length. 6. 25 inch overall length. Quality nylon sheath with belt loop sheath. The tiger steel knives from Tiger-USA® keep the most hardcore enthusiasts on their toes. Carry these on your person anytime with the included protective case and attach it to your pants with the belt loop.

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